about us

the family mediation partnership

The Family Mediation Partnership offers All Issues Mediation for anyone in dispute. Our services include dealing with the issues of children, property and finance. Our mediators are all members of professional mediation bodies including The Family Mediators Association and The College of Mediators. They have undertaken intensive and on-going training to deal with all the issues you may wish to resolve.

mediation awareness

With the recent changes in the law and the new protocol agreed with the Judiciary, our mediators have received intensive training and can hold a Mediation Information Awareness Meeting (MIAM) with you. If mediation is suitable and you are privately funded, you can start mediation with us immediately.

working in partnership

We work in partnership with you and with many other professionals, including solicitors, to help you through the process. As Mediators we do not advise on what you should do, but we do offer information if we think the process will benefit by doing so.

We may suggest that in certain circumstances you consult a solicitor, but on most matters there will not be any need to do so. Because you are negotiating and agreeing issues in mediation, there is much less legal time and cost incurred so mediation is very cost effective.

not just divorce and separation

There are many different types of disputes and disagreements within families which can result in using solicitors and courts. These range from communication breakdown with close or extended relatives, disputes over estates and wills, even communication breakdown between parents, grandparents and in-laws.

The principles and process of family mediation can help in these situations as much as it can help with divorce, separation and breakdown of civil partnerships.


  • Mediation is voluntary
  • Mediators are impartial
  • Mediation is confidential
  • Decision making rests with the participants